3 Lovely Houses Waiting for you

laurene's bedroom.jpg

A Beautiful Place

Laurene's dining room.jpg

You’ll stay at lovely Florida vacation homes designed for rest and relaxation at a gorgeous time of year. Soak in the sun while gathering insight that can fortify your soul and deepen your connections. We’ll gather in cozy living rooms with ample space for our conversational sessions and enjoy exquisite walks along the beach at sunset. 

Facilitated Learning

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Grace is joined by old friend Nancy Vericker (pictured above). Together we'll form a circle where we can ask questions and look for insights in a supportive, facilitated learning environment. 

Discover Together


Too often we look for answers outside ourselves, but what if the answers we're longing for can be found in conversation with others on the same journey? Learn more about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Uncover important missing pieces of insight to your story in this innovative circle of learning. Our time together is sure to be insightful.


When we hear something about ourselves that we have never heard before, it feels like a blessing, and it gives power.    --Clarissa Pinkola Estes