Are you ready for change? Are you longing for a quiet place in the company of other women so you can reflect on your stories, your future, your family and your soul? If there ever was a time to grow strong together, this is it. Join Grace and friends for a weekend of wisdom, empathy and insight. 

Learn the Language of Connection

Every morning Grace offers practical sessions on how personality type impacts our soul's story and the life of a family. A seasoned guide and practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Grace shares gentle ways of moving deeper into empathy and insight for the sake of your soul, your relationships and the good of the world. 

Integrate with Story + Collage

Every afternoon our guest teachers will provide additional activities designed to help you connect with your heart in a way that offers depth and meaning. Whether you're exploring Soul Collage(R)  with Teresa or listening to life stories from Nancy or Jen, you'll have the time you need to integrate your learning on a spiritual level. 


“If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can't survive.”

— Brene Brown

Soak in the Sun

Everyday you'll have a chance to reflect in the beauty of nature. Stroll along our white sand beaches, doze in your air-conditioned room or swim in the pool--you'll have all the time you need to process what you're learning in a gentle and protective environment. 


Sunset Conversations on the Dock

We'll join together at sunset on the dock (because of Hurricane Irma, sunset will be around the pool) each evening to share stories from the day, ask questions and reflect on what it means to truly embrace our true nature. Sink into the camaraderie of other women and uncover all the gentle ways our differences can be a point of honest connection and hopeful futures. 


About Grace + Myers-Briggs

A seasoned mentor and guide, Grace uses the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator(R) as a springboard for discussion about difference, preference and personality development. If you're looking for a gentle non-threatening way to understand and communicate about yourself and your upbringing, this is a just-right place to start. Grace also uses this approach to deepen our capacity for empathy, the primary way individuals and groups can create connection across difference.