Gather with a circle of like-minded women for learning, conversation and encouragement in a simple, lovely setting. It's our desire to create a retreat environment that feels supportive, generous, gentle and kind, so we can have all the space we need to explore our stories and our own unique ways of approaching the world. 

Our Three Vacation Homes are Next to Each Other
Each guest will have their own private room. Some rooms have private bathrooms and some share a bathroom with one other room.

Each Vacation House has it’s own kitchen, heated pool and large living room area. . . a perfectly relaxed space for a restful getaway.


We Welcome You

This space is designed to offer privacy and comfort while making room for connection in beautiful indoor and outdoor areas. 

A modern day respite from everyday distractions, our vacation homes provide cozy places to gather, feast, rest and share with other women who are ready for change. 

Our Time Together Includes

Insight sessions

Together Breakfasts

Creative free time

Gorgeous views include beautiful Florida palm trees along our pristine white sands beaches


We can do no great things, only small things with great love. --Mother Teresa


Gentle Insight

If you are struggling to understand yourself or others, this retreat space is designed to give you a place to learn and process in your own unique way with time to introvert as well as time to share.



Feasting Together

Breakfasts will be planned and organized in the spirit of celebration and a shared experience. We'll create camaraderie and memories in the kitchen.



Honest Connection

If you are longing for the company of other women, our desire is that the insights and stories in this intimate setting will renew and inspire you. When we learn together, we discover the tools that foster connection.


If you are longing for a shared learning experience... 

If you want to ask the big questions and discover possibilities together...