Sometimes in order to grow, you need space to reflect.

Gather with a circle of like-minded women for learning, conversation and encouragement in a beautiful setting. It's our desire to create a retreat environment that feels supportive, generous, gentle and kind, so you can have all the space you need to explore your stories and your own unique way of approaching the world. 

The Marco Island House (now changed to a private home because of hurricane Irma) will be our home away from home as together we learn how to face old challenges in new ways, with fresh insight about personality as well as new avenues of empathy, connection and change.


About Marco Island House

This space is designed to offer privacy and comfort while making room for connection in cozy indoor and outdoor areas. 

A modern day respite from everyday distractions. The Marco Island House (has now been changed to a private home), provides a central place to gather, feast, rest and share with other women who are ready for change. 

Light meals
Communal Dining
Access to pool, beach and sun



We can do no great things, only small things with great love. --Mother Teresa

Gentle Insight

If you are struggling to understand yourself or others, this retreat space is designed to give you a place to learn and process in your own unique way with time to introvert as well as time to share.


Exquisite Care

If you are weary from the weight of caring for others at the expense of yourself, join us for a weekend of exquisite care, healthy meals and the chance for your soul and body to soak in new perspectives. 


Honest Connection

If you are longing for the company of other women, our desire is that the insights and stories in this intimate setting will renew and inspire you. With Grace's guidance, you'll gather the tools that foster connection.



If you are longing for insight into yourself or others... 

If you want to learn to connect across difference...